ch05 - Chapter 5 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Practice Test 1....

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Chapter 5 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Practice Test 1. Michigan’s Solid Waste Management Act (SWMA) generally prohibited Michigan counties from accepting for disposal solid waste that had been generated outside that county. Fort Gratiot operated a sanitary landfill in St. Clair County, Michigan. The county denied Fort Gratiot permission to bring in solid waste from out of state, and Fort Gratiot sued. This case involves the negative, or dormant, aspect of the Commerce Clause. What is the difference between that aspect and the positive aspect? What is the evil that the dormant aspect is designed to avoid? How would you rule in this case? The positive aspect of the Commerce Clause grants Congress the  power to regulate interstate commerce. The negative, or dormant,  aspect severely restricts the power of the states to do so: a state  statute that discriminates against interstate commerce is invariably  unconstitutional. The dormant aspect is designed to prevent the  states from taxing goods and services produced in other states, and  thus turning the nation into 50 competing sovereigns. In this case,  the United States District Court and the Court of Appeals both found  that Michigan’s statute did not violate the Commerce Clause, but the  Supreme Court reversed, finding a violation of the dormant aspect.  There was no valid reason to limit the amount of waste that a landfill  operator could accept from outside the company (and thus from  outside the state) while placing no limit on locally created waste.  Fort Gratiot Landfill, Inc. v. Michigan Dept. of natural Resources , 504  U.S. 353 (1992). 3.
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ch05 - Chapter 5 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Practice Test 1....

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