ch08 test - Chapter 8 INTERNATIONAL LAW Practice Test 1....

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Chapter 8 INTERNATIONAL LAW Practice Test 1 . Arnold Mandel exported certain high-technology electronic equipment. Later, he was in court arguing that the equipment he shipped should not have been on the Department of Commerce’s Commodity Control List. What items may be on that list, and why does Mandel care? The only items that the federal government may place on the list are exports that would (1) endanger national security, (2) harm foreign policy goals, or (3) drain scarce materials. Although the question does not tell us what precise high-tech goods Mandel shipped, it appears that he has shipped items on the list, and therefore, has been charged with violating the Export Administration Act of 1985. After failing to convince the court that the goods were wrongfully listed, he faces a prison term. United States v. Mandel, 696 F. Supp. 505 (E.D. Cal. 1988). This case was later reversed. 914 F.2d 1215 (9th Cir.). 3. ETHICS Hector works in Zoey’s importing firm. Zoey overhears Hector on the phone say, “O.K., 30,000 ski parkas at $80 per parka. You’ve got yourself a deal. Thanks a lot.” When Hector hangs up, Zoey is furious, yelling, “I told you not to make a deal on those Italian ski parkas without my permission! I think I can get a better price elsewhere.” “Relax, Zoey,” replies Hector. “I wanted to lock them in, to be sure we had some in case your deal fell through. It’s just an oral contract, so we can always back out if we need to.” Is that ethical? How far can a company go to protect its interests? Does it matter that another business might make serious financial plans based on the discussion?
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ch08 test - Chapter 8 INTERNATIONAL LAW Practice Test 1....

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