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1 BUAD2080 [Spring 2011] Global Environment of Business B ASIC I NFORMATION Course format: Distance learning (DL), http://www.utoledo.edu/dl [Blackboard9 platform] Instructor: Dr. Thuong T. Le, email: [email protected] Office hours: Thursdays, 10:30am–2:00pm and 3:30-5:00pm C OURSE D ESCRIPTION AND O BJECTIVES This course offers an introduction to the global economy in which nations, firms and individuals cooperate and compete with one another. As in any introductory course, there will be a number of concepts and terms to be learned. The emphasis will be on understanding rather than memorizing these concepts and terms, however. Students completing this course should: 1. Appreciate and comprehend economic globalization and specifically how global events impact the business operations and competitiveness of firms of all sizes. 2. Understand the fundamental concepts and rationales for international business. 3. Be familiar with international institutions, national policy frameworks and global and regional economic agreements that shape the pattern of trade, investment and economic development. 4. Be knowledgeable on how economic, cultural, legal and political factors influence cross-border business practices and operations C OMMUNICATION You are encouraged to ask questions and to suggest and comment on class-related issues via WebCT e-mail. I will try to respond within 24 hours during week days. E-mail received during my online office hours should normally receive faster
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buad2080_syl2011sp - BUAD2080 [Spring 2011] Global...

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