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buad 3050 Plug In 2 - T2-2Plug-In T2Basic Skills Using...

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Unformatted text preview: T2-2Plug-In T2Basic Skills Using Excel*P L U G - I NT2Basic Skills Using Excel1.Describe how to open, close, and save an Excel workbook.2.Explain how to insert and delete an Excel worksheet.3.Describe how to insert, delete, merge, and split cells in an Excel worksheet.4.Explain how to set up a worksheet in Excel for printing.5.Describe how to insert and delete rows and columns in an Excel worksheet.6.Explain how to create and edit formulas in Excel using the formula bar.7.Describe how to create a chart using Excel.Introduction to ExcelMicrosoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that enables you to enter, manipulate, calcu-late, and chart data. An Excel file is referred to as a workbook, which is a collection ofworksheets. Each worksheetis comprised of rows and columns of data that you canperform calculations on. It is these calculations that make Excel such a powerful tool.You can use Excel for a wide variety of purposes, from calculating payments for apersonal loan, to creating a personal budget, to tracking employee sales and calcu-lating bonuses for your business.This plug-in introduces the basics of using Excel. It is designed to show you the nutsand bolts, along with a few fancy features, to get you off to a good start using the pro-gram. However, you should review the CD, MISource, which accompanies this text foradditional material, animated tutorials, and simulated practice files that go beyondwhat we cover in the text. Figure T2.1 displays all the tasks and lessons that are provid-ed on the MISourceCD. This plug-in will focus on the following six areas:1.Workbooks and worksheets.2.Working with cells and cell data.3.Printing worksheets.4.Formatting worksheets.5.Formulas.6.Working with charts and graphics.LEARNING OUTCOMESPlug-In T2Basic Skills Using ExcelT2-3**FIGURE T2.1MISource Excel Lessons(Continued)MISource CD Microsoft Excel LessonsIntroduction to ExcelPrinting Worksheets■Introduction to Excel 2003■Setting up the page for printing■Opening and closing workbooks■Setting up margins for printing■Creating workbooks■Setting up the sheet for printing■Using templates■Setting and clearing the print area■Creating folders for saving workbooks■Previewing a print area■Saving a workbook in a new format■Printing selections, worksheets, and ■Using the research toolworkbooks Managing WorkbooksAnalyzing Data■Inserting worksheets■Using Autofilter■Deleting worksheets■Creating and sorting lists■Hiding and unhiding worksheets■Adding functions to formulas using the ■Moving and copying worksheetsAutosum button■Formatting worksheets■Entering formulas■Splitting and arranging workbooks■Creating and editing formulas using the ■Arranging and hiding/unhidingformula bar■Entering a range in a formula by dragging■Using absolute and relative references■Using the insert function feature■Creating formulas using the SUM function■Creating formulas using the MIN and MAX functions■Creating formulas using the DATE or...
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This note was uploaded on 06/05/2011 for the course BUAD 3050 taught by Professor Moni during the Spring '10 term at Toledo.

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buad 3050 Plug In 2 - T2-2Plug-In T2Basic Skills Using...

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