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BUAD 3050 Task 1

BUAD 3050 Task 1 - 1 Different departments(7 departments 2...

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BUAD 3050 Information Technology Management Individual Homework Assignment #1 Read the Appendix A ( Business Basics) , and answer Question number 2 ( Guest Lecturing on Business ) by creating a professional Power Point presentation, maximum 15 slides . You presentation should include pleasing color, appropriate pictures, transitions, etc. Slides should not be crowed. You can include notes if you want to add more material. Make the slides pleasing to audience. You will be graded on content as well as format of presentation. Your grade will be relative to the best presentation . Prepare this presentation as if you were to deliver a 15-minute talk to a class of first year business students and the slides would be used to illustrate your presentation and given as one-page hand-outs. The presentation should address the following issues:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Different departments (7 departments) 2. Role of each department 3. Importance of working together 4. You can add title and concluding slides. Number of slides is only for indication and can have more slides. In order to complete the assignment, post a single file that can be opened with Power Point to the WebCT system. Your presentation should have the following slide footer:- Your full name- Full course number and section (e.g. BUAD 3050)- Slide number I would like to remind you that all homework assignments must be done and submitted individually. Grading scale: Different departments 3 pts. (max) Role of departments 21 pts. (max) Importance 3 pts. (max) For format and content 3 pts (max)-------30 pts. (max) Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions....
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