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BUAD 3050 Task 3

BUAD 3050 Task 3 - recommendation form the analyzed numbers...

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BUAD 3050 Information Technology Management Individual Homework Assignment #3 Read Plug-in T2 (Basic Skills Using Excel) and solve the MusicPlayerZ and TotalMischief problems . Plug-in T1 and the data files are available in the content page. You are expected to read, practice, and understand the materials in plug-in T2 well in advance. Based on the materials learnt you should be in a position to solve the above mentioned two problems. The solution in excel should be built with correct formulas wherever calculations are required. Typing in numbers without using formulas are not accepted and you will get ‘0’ points. You are also expected to provide recommendations in executive summary format within the spreadsheet or as a separate document. You are expected to justify your
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Unformatted text preview: recommendation form the analyzed numbers. In order to complete the assignment, post one file containing, two tabs, the solutions in excel (office 2007 file format) and name the tabs as “MusicPlayerZ” and “TotalMischief”. Name the file “your name HW3” Note: In MusicPlayerZ the last column is % of profit and not sales. Correct the spreadsheet accordingly. Your Excel sheet should have the following at the bottom of the solution table:- Your full name- Full course number and section (e.g. BUAD 3050)- Assignment number I would like to remind you that all homework assignments must be done and submitted individually. Grading scale: Music Player 10 pts. (max) Total Mischief 20 pts. (max)-------30 pts. (max) Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions....
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