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HRI 102 Final Exam RUBIC A) Find a site on your own and interview a management person at the location B) Write a 2 to 3 page summary based on that interview with the following information: 1) The Complete Name, Complete address, telephone number of the site, and time and date of your visit 2pts 2) The Full name of the person (s) giving the tour, and their title 2pts 3) Explanation of why you decided to pick this specific site, what you thought you would learn by interviewing a person at this site, and have you been a guest at this site, and a summary of the business. 15pts 4) Describe at least three (3) points that the person you interviewed gave that you found interesting, why you found it interested 15pts 5) Give three (3) advantages and disadvantages that the person you interviewed
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Unformatted text preview: stated about his/her position and if you would agree or disagree with them if you were in his or her position 12 pt s 6) Sate three (3) reasons in detail why you would want have this position . 9pts 7) Sate three (3) reasons in detail why you would not want have this position. 9pts 8) Summarization of the interview, and if you were happy with your decision to go to this site or if it did not meet your expectations 9pts 9) Written with clarity in a logical flow using correct grammar 10pts 10) Present to class a summary of your visit (3-5 minutes) 15 pts 11) The persons business card attached to the report 2pts Total points 100 pts Page 1 Rev. February 7, 2006 Page 2 Rev. February 7, 2006...
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HRI_102_Final_Exam_Visit_RUBIC09 - stated about his/her...

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