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autobiographical essay final draft - Rodriguez, Denise...

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Rodriguez, Denise ENC1101 Dr. Claus October 7, 2009 Essay #2: Autobiographical Essay The Day I Almost Died On April 23, 2009, I was thirty minutes away from being pronounced dead. In the moment my hands left the car door, I knew it could be the end of me. I was removed from my physical being as I saw my former body endure the pain when it lost the battle to the concrete in that moment; I knew I would never be the same. Not only was I at risk of never returning to my life, but I would’ve left at the hands of the boy I loved most in my life, my best friend. Innocence ran through my veins as blood was fleeing. Earlier that day it had been a normal morning, nothing peculiar occurred on the day that would’ve been my last. I went to school without the premonition that I’d be fighting the hardest battle against death that night. I went about my day in an ordinary fashion; the only thing that was out of place was the fact that we would be leaving school at an earlier time than usual. Since my parents were not aware of my whereabouts, thinking I was still in school, I went with my friends after school to go get something to eat and then we went to a park out of my guilty pleasure to engage in innocent fun of going on swings. I can remember my exact words, “Take me to the swings! Please, please, please!” Those words ring in my head as I recall all the events that lead up to that one moment. My childish plea and persistent nagging was all it would take me to lose my life. The things of life totally consume my mind as I realize how in a split second it can all be gone without even acting wrongfully; those who carry a good life are the ones who seem to lose much easier and quicker.
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Rodriguez, My best friend, Albert, loved me very much. I knew this. I think of him as the male incarnation of who I am. He is my soul mate and he knows me better than I know myself at times. This amazing guy is who could have destroyed me. I trusted him with my life because I knew he cared about it, as did I. Accidents happen, I understand, and I know the bad intentions were not present in that moment, it was an innocent mistake. As I was on the swings, in the empty playground I was in my own world until three teenage boys came up to me and broke the silence and emptiness of my innocent pleasure. They were offering me drugs, they were my own personal serpent from the Garden of Eden; the only difference was that I was not tempted unlike Eve, yet I was still punished like Eve. My innocent world became the harsh world I didn’t want
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autobiographical essay final draft - Rodriguez, Denise...

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