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classical argument final draft - Rodriguez, Denise ENC1101...

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Rodriguez, Denise ENC1101 Dr. Claus November 18, 2009 Essay #4: Classical Argument Essay Legalizing Gay Marriages Regardless of anyone’s beliefs, interests, or values, we are all humans. Throughout history, several different types of people have been discriminated against and made inferior to the majority. The battle of equality has been one fought throughout mankind. In the case of gays and lesbians, they, too, are searching for the equality they deserve and are entitled to as well as everyone else. I can come up with a number of reasons as to why the legalization of gay marriages should occur, but when it comes down to the core of my drive and passion on this topic, it is my burning desire for equality among all that fuels my opinion. Through the use of pathos, the thought of mistreated and harmed individuals – mentally, emotionally, and often times physically – reaches the pit of my soul as I think, “What if that were me?” If I were to utilize logos or ethos, it would be hypocritical on my part, as I realize that not everyone interprets the world around them in the same way as well as having differentiating values. The most prominent reasoning as to why gay marriages should be made legal is the simple fact that it is the easiest and most effective way to ensure equal rights to every individual. No person is lesser than another, we are all different, but yet we are all the same. When referring
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classical argument final draft - Rodriguez, Denise ENC1101...

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