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Rodriguez, Denise ENC1101 Dr. Claus October 28, 2009 Essay #3: Informative Essay Journalism has been the career to impact the world and its societal history. Throughout the years this career path has come across many obstacles, fluctuations, and adaptations. With the rise of women in the workforce, journalism too underwent along with those changes to our society. In choosing to go down the path of a journalistic career there are pros and cons as with any profession. The reason as to which I decide to stick with this career is because quite frankly in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons. The power to move people with your words without having to physically move them is the amazing craft of art that is the essential component in journalism. I am going to present both sides of this career: the good and bad. Some of my findings were shocking as I was not aware of the other side of the not so glamorous life of this career. Societal roles have evolved throughout history for all types of people; whether it is according to your race, gender, political standing, or even sexual preference, roles in society present day have evolved and consistently continue to evolve for the future generation. The world of the workforce has mainly consisted of white men but it has evolved to include every type of person. “One of the pros of this career, I believe, is the diversity among your coworkers more so the job itself,” said Diana Jordan. The career of
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informative essay final draft - Rodriguez Denise ENC1101 Dr...

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