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Rodriguez, Denise ENC1101 Dr. Claus September 18, 2009 Essay #1: Visual Analysis Essay On Earth, there are individual worlds within this one planet; there are different minds and sets of eyes viewing and interpreting the same environment surrounding each and every one of us. The same applies when interpreting ads; as one individual may see a completely different picture than another, yet, all the while viewing the same ad. In the ad which is going to be analyzed in this essay, I am going to interpret it through my eyes as I analyze how this ad exhibits how the societal roles have evolved. To others, the woman presented in the ad may be visually interpreted in a more superficial manner rather than viewing the woman as empowered or judging the way she carries herself, but she may be
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Unformatted text preview: just viewed as an object of which her assets are analyzed rather than her character. Societal roles have evolved throughout history for all types of people; whether it is according to your race, gender, political standing, or even sexual preference, roles in society present day have evolved and consistently continue to evolve for the future generation. Certain characters in society have had to undergo difficult situations presented to them because of what they appeared to be rather than who they were as humans, one of which being women. [include women’s rights and hardships throughout history in comparison to modern day women roles in society & how the ad portrays that; analyze it]...
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