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1. According to lecture, who described American politics as a system of “democratic realism”? Walter Lippman 2. Which is NOT a characteristic of public relations as discussed in class? IS: strategic communication, never neutral, persuasive communication,monitoring environment 3. According to lecture, which was NOT an aspect of Bernays’ and Fleischman’s pioneering PR campaigns? was: insight into audience, research,insight 4. According to lecture, which of the following first proposed PR counselors as “experts”? Edward Bernays 5. According to lecture, what journalistic development prompted Ivy Lee to begin a publicity business? muckraking 6. According to lecture, what anarchist press leader was deported to Russia by the U.S. government? Emma Goldman 7. According to lecture, which of the following was known for the “Declaration of Principles” of PR? Ivy Lee 8. According to lecture, what element is frequently absent from public relations practice? not utilizing of research or insight 9. What advertising executive advocated a change in the nature of corporate advertising in the 1930s? Bruce Barton or Roland Marchand 10. Which anti-Vietnam publication focused its attention on the poor and powerless people of Vietnam? Dorothy Day 11. What antagonists were most to blame for the plight of women in the late 1960s and early 1970s, according to the Women’s Liberation Press? Liberal counterculture men who were sexiest (gay men were more sensitive but not enough). Women faced job discrimination
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Which of the following was NOT a function of the early Black Panthers in Oakland in the mid-1960s? 13. What president is remembered as a pioneer in the use of media to communicate directly and intimately with the American people? FDR? 14. Which of the following was true about Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as they reported the Watergate break-in story? know 15. Who is considered the father of press criticism in the United States? George Seldes 16. According to Streitmatter, what were the most tangible products of the Civil Rights Movement? 17. According to Streitmatter, what was the most controversial television news story of the early years of the Vietnam War? Tet Offensive… or anything mentioning the zippo lighters story 18. Which president greatly escalated U.S. involvement in Vietnam, sending hundreds of thousands of additional troops to southeast Asia? Lindon B. Johnson 19. According to Streitmatter, what single military action resulted in a major psychological victory for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese? tet offensive 20. Whose on-air declaration that the Vietnam War was unwinnable led many Americans to question the nation’s Vietnam policy for the first time? Walter Crokite 21. According to lecture, which of the following was the journalist who took the first stand against Vietnam? Dorothy Day 22. According to lecture, the first issue raised about Vietnam involved which of the following? Rubber industry
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finalstudyguide - 1 According to lecture who described...

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