UNIT 1 NOTES - that process of sampling thinking processing...

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1 Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred Blevens Unit 1: Culture Definition of Culture The symbols of expression that individuals, groups, and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values. Culture = Meaning Culture as Process It delivers the values of a society through products or other meaning- making forms . . . ± Newspapers ± Entertainment media ± Mass communication There is no single location for culture It cannot be defined the same for everyone
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2 Media Creates Culture This is done by a process called “negotiation,” which is the interaction of the symbols and ideas in the media you consume with the symbols and ideas already in your head. Through
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Unformatted text preview: that process of sampling, thinking, processing, things come to be meaningful to each of us. Cultural/Historical Change ± Individuals alter culture ± Ida B. Wells (anti-lynching); Margaret Sanger (birth control) ± Social movements alter culture ± Civil rights, gay rights, anti-slavery, women’s rights. ± Technology alters culture ± Printing press, Linotype, telegraph, steam press, Internet What history is not . . . ± Truth -- language and perception ± Reality -- interpreted, constructed, mediated ± Objective -- experience and identity ± Comprehensive -- guess who gets left out?...
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UNIT 1 NOTES - that process of sampling thinking processing...

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