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UNIT 5 NOTES - Introduction to Journalism Dr Fred Blevens...

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1 Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred Blevens Unit 5: Press in British America, II Printers as Postmasters New power for an emerging class Producers AND distributors Postmasters as Newsmasters First form of social control in U.S. King controls postal system by patronage Elites: A Cultural Profile Beneficiaries of patronage British subjects Loyal to king; no talk of independence Elites control the printers Believe in prior restraint from publication No trust in the masses Pedigree gives them special privileges
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2 Profile of Colonial Readers Pleasure -- need for escape Link to homeland Upward mobility (learning) Not as closely tied to church Still predominantly male A Language of Politics Increase in political IQ of commoners Not just information on growing corn Policy information increases More folks concerned about more stuff Profile of Newspapers Long-term publication Regular publication
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3 Profile of Newspapers Publick Occurrences, 1690 Benjamin Harris, publisher Closed by government; too political Focus on 7,000 common people in Boston
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