UNIT 18 NOTES - Introduction to Journalism PR Goes to War...

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1 Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred Blevens Unit 18: History of PR, II PR Goes to War ± War begins in 1914 ± Wilson re-elected because he kept U.S. out of war ± Sentiment simply isn’t there to join the fray ± In 1917, Germany threatens U.S. shipping ± And, of course, that upsets the rich guys ± Wilson changes his mind about war ± But the public remains unconvinced ± Public supports, but unclear about U.S. involvement ± Seen as “European” and there’s no Pearl Harbor or 9-11 ± George Creel’s Committee on Public Information ± Became known as the Creel Committee ± Improvised a publicity campaign without research or insight Massive Appeal to Americans ± Creel’s goals were fairly simple ± Change antiwar feelings for the war ± Intensify feeling of national solidarity ± Raise money through sale of war bonds ± Elements ± Four-Minute Men; 75,000 speakers give 800,000 speeches ± 6,000 news releases produced each week ± 100,000 column inches of newspaper space ± Widespread censorship; prior restraint of war coverage ± Punishment of opinion coverage ± Very, very effective ± Key: Public must be on board before war A Bad Model for PR ± When people die, attitudes change ± Not this time; support grew ± Shotgun approach still not strategic
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UNIT 18 NOTES - Introduction to Journalism PR Goes to War...

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