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Unformatted text preview: 1 Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred Blevens Unit 24: Creating the Corporate Soul Industry vs FDR ¡ By 1935, corporations were displeased ¡ Roosevelt called a traitor to his class ¡ New Deal framed as som ¡ Business paying taxes for first time and don’t like it ¡ Business forced to assume burden of caring for Americans ¡ Don’t like that, either ¡ Businesses fought back through PR ¡ To persuade people that industry better than government ¡ Lifted PR from the basement to the penthouse ¡ National Association of Business ¡ Announced tripling of budget to. . . “sell the American way of life to the American people ¡ Entered the political arena ¡ Attack on the New Deal did not work A Change in Strategy ¡ Massive campaign to sell free enterprise ¡ Marchand calls campaign “The Confession” ¡ Executives admitted they had not explained themselves well ¡ They admitted they treated public simply as consumers ¡ They said people misunderstood their motives ¡ 1935-39, hundreds of executives did their confessions...
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