UNIT 30-32 NOTES - Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred...

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1 Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred Blevens Units 30-32: Anti-Vietnam/Gay-Lesbian/ Women’s Liberation Presses Context of Gay/Lesbian Press ± Counterculture movement helped this one ± Stonewall Rebellion got it all started ± NYC, June 1969 ± Stonewall Inn: epitome of grim realities of gay bar scene ± Operated by three mafia figures ± They called clientele “faggot scumbags” ± Paid $300 monthly rent; made $5,000 each weekend ± Club had no running water ± Raid on night of Judy Garland’s funeral, July 27, 1969 ± Crowd clashes with police ± Riots continued for a week ± 300 police, 2,000 gay men and lesbians ± Incident drew widespread attention The Homosexual Citizen ± Jack Nichols and Elijah Clarke, life partners ± Wrote Homosexual Citizen for Screw magazine ± Organized first demonstrations for equal rights ± Positive portrayal of homosexuality ± Opened country’s first gay bookstore ± 5 months after Stonewall, started paper, Gay ± Still published and now on web at gaytoday.com ± Cover had full-page photo of a handsome man ± Clarke was debut coverboy ± Advertisers were mafia-owned gay bars and bathhouses ± Very successful; rational, equal rights argument
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2 COME OUT! ± Black Panthers of gay rights movement ± Gay Liberation Front ± Combative stands, boycotts ± Demanded overthrow of American society ± Paper violated journalistic standards ± No ads, no salaries, anti-capitalist message
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UNIT 30-32 NOTES - Introduction to Journalism Dr. Fred...

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