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essay #1 requirements - Romanticism II ENL 4242:01...

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Romanticism II ENL 4242:01 (“Romantic Fire”) Fall 2010 (305) 348-2677 Paper I Due: To be handed to me on or before the time and date confirmed and announced in class . E x p e c t a t i o n : A w e l l - w r i t t e n , i m a g i n a t i v e , a n a l y t i cal essay (This is not a “research paper”–although anything you use should be scrupulously acknowledged. It is an essy, and whatever your chosen theme, it is very important that the focus remain on the text/s and your analysis of the text/s--not on secondary material like biography or other people’s critical analyses.) Creative deviations might be encouraged, but only after you and I have discussed them . Length: About 5 ½ typed, double spaced pages (not including the title page, endnotes, etc; with a well-chosen title and a standard pitch or font: between 10-12 points). T h e c r i t i c a l a p p r o a c h i s u p t o y o u b u t t h e t o p i c s hould be carefully focused, developed, and supported by the text/s. (Your paper should be on a topic which you have already submitted in writing, and which we have discussed–these topics, thesis statements and questions can be e-mailed if you prefer; no attachments please.) The concentration should be on your own analysis, not on mere summary --whether of primary or of secondary texts. Your own voice should come through--please feel free to challenge other opinions and analyses, including those presented in class, and to come up with your own, well-supported ones; and, of course, to use the first person singular: I. (Feel free to mix your media--e.g. to add a poem or a work of art or an interview or audio or video material.) I am looking forward to well-written, lively, imaginative, lucid, organized and analytical papers. S e c o n d a r y r e a d i n g i s n o t r e q u i r e d ( a l t h o u g h t h i s d epends on your choice of subject). In any case, please consult and explore your texts (Norton eds.) for supporting material (including, notes, introductions, chronologies, essays. etc.) H o w e v e r , and this is very important , all sources you do use should be scrupulously acknowledged (preferably MLA style), both in the body of the paper and in the bibliography; this includes primary sources, e.g. your text. ( Every single use of a secondary source--and this includes electronic sources, material from other classes etc.-- direct or indirect, as paraphrase, summary or quotation, should be adequately acknowledged . It may not be possible to give any credit for inadequately acknowledged papers. (Please see the English Department’s statement concerning academic honesty on the web). If you use just the texts , please list them in your bibliography. While biography may be very relevant to the subject of your essay, and you are encouraged to use relevant biographical
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essay #1 requirements - Romanticism II ENL 4242:01...

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