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1. Dumbledore left in his will things to the trio… what were they? Be specific about the snitch. 2. Hermoine becomes a lawyer … they need reasons to confiscate something that is inherited 3. Everyone underestimates elves… what is the elf highest law? What did voldermort forget about elves? What happens to creature? Elves have magic too 4. What happened with creature, his master, and the cave? Restage the crime scene
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Unformatted text preview: 5. They have to give an excuse to go after potter what is it? 6. Start with g and end with ith … wandmakers, quittich players 7. Exploratory essay: paragraph one Why did I choose this problem/topic? What intrigued me ? What spoke to me ? What perplexed me ? I chose the topic of the stigma of medication because I am currently in the battle of choosing between the two options. I am intrigued to discover whether...
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