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Exploratory essay FINAL

Exploratory essay FINAL - Rodriguez Denise ENC1102 W&R2 Dr...

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Rodriguez, Denise ENC1102/ W&R2 Dr. Claus February 8, 2010 Exploratory Essay The Stigma of Medication The stigma of medication pertains to the situation I am currently in with the battle of choosing between the option of using medication or dealing with my anxiety on my own. I am provoked by this topic due to the fact that I do not believe in the concept of medication when it is not truly necessary and there is another way, more natural way to be cured. The fact that medication is being used more frequently is having various negative repercussions such as addiction, dependency, and antibiotic resistance. I do believe medication is necessary in various cases but when it comes to anxiety disorder, as in my case, I believe medication is used merely as a band-aid. All of the negative repercussions can be avoided if doctors become more aware of the negative effects of medication on each individual rather than looking at the big picture of their illness. Medications include various side effects, which the patient may not even be aware about beforehand. Each
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