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EXPLORATORY ESSAY OUTLINE SUGGESTIONS PARAGRAPH ONE: Why did I choose this problem/topic? What intrigued me ? What spoke to me ? What perplexed me ? The stigma of medication pertains to the situation I am currently in with the battle of choosing between the option of using medication or dealing with my anxiety on my own. PARAGRAPH: WHAT SOLUTION(S) MAY HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM ? Preliminary research included here…. . . If alternative, natural approaches are used to cure these illnesses, which most can be, then the use of medication will slowly deplete. PARAGRAPH: WHICH OF THIS/THESE YOU THINK MAY WORK ? WHICH MAY NOT WORK? Preliminary research included here…….
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Unformatted text preview: PARAGRAPH (OR PART OF THE ABOVE): WHY MAY WORK ? WHY NOT ? Preliminary research included here…. . Through methods such as meditation, natural supplements, and other natural techniques, patients with medical illnesses have been cured CONCLUSION: FROM ALL OF THIS, DIRECTION YOU ARE HEADED FOR YOUR RESEARCH PAPER PROPER ( You will need a minimum of 5 research sources for the R.P. proper… From all the investigations regarding the pros and cons of both solutions to curing any medical disorder a patient may have, the use of alternative medicine seems to be far more effective or at least safer for the patient....
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