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Denise Rodriguez #2925422 FSS3233C Final The Class On my journey through the class, I made many discoveries that led me to where I am today. I decided to make drastic changes to my diet through the knowledge I acquired each day. I changed to a gluten free diet, I am more aware of satisfying my nutritional needs, I am further investigating probiotics in order to focus on preventive nutrition rather than healing nutrition. I’ve come to the conclusion that preventing illness is what attracts me to nutrition and I find it amusing how through food, we can cure anything in our bodies. I’ve come to realize that the earth provides us with everything we need to sustain health and live a healthy life. I really enjoyed having experts in the field coming to teach us about their area of expertise which was really inspiring to think that we are all in it together focused on a combined goal: making people healthier. With the current situation in today’s society with the increase in obesity not only in adults but also in children, I believe that now more than ever there has to be several practitioners in the field working toward this common goal of stopping this epidemic. It has been made clear to me how huge this epidemic is becoming and
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Denise Rodriguez_final - Denise Rodriguez #2925422 FSS3233C...

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