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extra credit - behind real language because there is just...

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Denise Rodriguez #2925422 LIN3013 Professor Hopkins The Race Between Grammar Books and Real Language This paper is being done by me right now. ” or “ I am doing this paper right now. ” both contain the same meaning but what’s the difference? One of the sentences, according to current grammar rules isn’t considered to be ‘grammatically correct’. Grammar rules haven’t always been consistently the same and tend to alter quite frequently; through time’s trials and according to Dr. Poplack, “inherent variability” which is defined as the way that one meaning can be said in several different way, grammar rules are always going to be one step
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Unformatted text preview: behind real language because there is just not one right way of getting a message across. Grammatically correct or incorrect, the message’s meaning will be interpreted in conversation. One of the main topics of lecture Dr. Poplack spoke about was that of different forms of stating the future tense. Diff forms of saying future tense Language Grammar Change in language due to culture variables (slang) Prescriptive grammar and how its changed Descriptive grammar Double negatives make positive, therefore a grammarian decided it was wrong to use so made a rule to change it to be “grammatically incorrect” Grammar is subjective...
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