notes from last semester_Fall2010

notes from last semester_Fall2010 - LIN3013 tu toring DM...

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LIN3013 tutoring DM 470 Tuesday 9:00-1:45 6:15-8:00 Wednesday 12:00-2:00 Thursday 9:00-12:30 3:00-5:00 6:15-8:00 username: lf10 pw: we45;kl bc they think this is one way of understanding humans there is no entity that posses an open ended communicative system yes animals communicate but there communication system does not come anywhere n the complexity of human languages by studying language we can hopefully better understand the human mind you cannot study language without the linguistic theory there are certain commonalities among all languages language (linguistic) universals: properties common to human languages all languages have some form of a u, a, and y sound. Years ago a movement started in the U.S. to implicate an English only speaking policy Oakland school board fiasco --- they wanted to have some money for incoming African American immigrants to teach them English and a variety of subjects like the ESOL program for hispanics 9/2/10--- Quiz (9/7): Chapter one (1 question) and one transcription question (3 or 4 words) Vowels: minimal tongue movements, not touching any articulates
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Consonants: make a compact or bring the tongue very close to a place where you feel The difference tongue produces a gliding movement with dipthongs rather than monothongs that the tongue doesn’t move Voiceless = no vibration Voiced = vibration in throat 9-7-10 Sounds produced with velum down are called nasal sounds bc air is allowed to go into
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  • Spring '10
  • International Phonetic Alphabet, DISTINCTIONS BTW VOICED, hu man languages, com municative syste, com munication syste

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notes from last semester_Fall2010 - LIN3013 tu toring DM...

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