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group project on the UK - How is it being used today and by...

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Project Requirements: 4. A reference section outline consisting of the student’s name, the specific element that he/she researched and was responsible for, and a list of references/resources used under each element being presented will be required on the day of the group presentation. Please make this page a part of your presentation. (BBC videos or Jon Stewart videos) Questions to ask during your research, and some definitions: Propaganda What is the history of propaganda in the UK?
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Unformatted text preview: How is it being used today and by who (government, private interests, public interest groups)? Is the propaganda overt (obvious) or is it used in more subtle ways? Framing Take a look at the major news items currently being covered by your country’s media. Do certain themes (pro or anti, positive or negative) emerge in the coverage of those issues? How are the primary concerns of society generally portrayed in the media?...
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