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“Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange is definitely one of the best images ever captured. I have seen it several times in my 20 years of life and it is always fascinating. The history of Lange’s life was interesting and something I was not familiar with. I also enjoyed the narration of her meeting with Florence Thompson (the subject of the photograph). Reading about the development of cameras was also very interesting. I wonder what Joseph Nicephore Niepce would say about my Olympus Stylus tough which fits in my pocket and is shock proof and waterproof. Camera technology has definitely come a long way since his heliography.
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Unformatted text preview: I loved that the chapter opened with an analysis of Google! Google has ALWAYS been my favorite search engine This is a great video that shows how important Google is to our lives in terms of providing information and summarizes main topics of 2010: “It’s a Google world after all,” is a very accurate statement considering the fact that nowadays everyone googles everything! Just today, I googled topics as random as “prime numbers” and “why is Connecticut the constitution state?” It is about time Microsoft Word recognizes googles and googled as words!...
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