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Rodriguez, 1 Denise Rodriguez ENC1102 UO1-A Dr. Norman Brammer 3 June 2010 Exploring the Future of Journalism Critical Preface Through the means of research and investigation I have been able to find credible sources of professionals in the field of Journalism in order to draw conclusions to my hypothesis of the outlook for the field of journalism. The purpose of this bibliography was to analyze and organize all the resources I had found and to evaluate which would be essential to answering my research question: With the advancements of technology, change of interests, and changes in society, how has journalism evolved so far and what does the future of journalism look like? My research was done over the period of three to four weeks in which not only did I find written articles, but I also went a step further and directly communicated with someone in my field through the means of an interview. My sources include various articles and direct words from a professor in my
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field. The sources I found to be most useful and pertinent to my research were those written by professors that I was able to contact such as Fred Blevens and Juliet Pinto. Through interviewing them I was able to direct the information I was searching for in response to my questions for my research paper. The advancements in technology, I believe, will affect the future of journalism but nevertheless, the field will adapt to these changes and remain a strong professional and respected career. Members of society yearn for information about the evolving society that they are a part of and surround them, which fuses the career in staying a competitor and essential in the workforce. The professionals in the career will have to adapt to these changes in technology or they will deplete along with the print media. Journalism will be susceptible to society’s preference of change. Annotated Bibliography
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annotated bibliography - Rodriguez 1 Denise Rodriguez...

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