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intro to research paper

intro to research paper - Rodriguez 1 Denise Rodriguez...

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Rodriguez, 1 Denise Rodriguez ENC1102 UO1-A Dr. Norman Brammer 8 June 2010 Exploring the Future of Journalism “The benefit [of journalism] to society is supposed to be its function as a watchdog on both the public and private sectors -- disciplining waste, fraud and abuse -- and as a source of information for the public about important issues of public policy,” states Dr. Mark Cooper, Ph.D. With the advancements of technology, change of interests, and changes in society, what does the future of journalism look like? The significance of inquiring about the future of journalism greatly affects not only those in the field, but also those that depend on the media to get informed; this question concerns all those who benefit and those who are at the disadvantage of the media. The advancements in technology as well as all other manipulating factors will affect the future of journalism, as a result of utilizing the assumptions and thoughts of credible professionals in the field; but nevertheless, the field will adapt to these changes and remain a strong professional and respected career.
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