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journalism exploratory - Rodriguez, 1 Denise Rodriguez...

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Rodriguez, 1 Denise Rodriguez ENC1102 UO1-A Dr. Norman Brammer May 25, 2010 Exploring the Future of Journalism “The benefit [of journalism] to society is supposed to be its function as a watchdog on both the public and private sectors -- disciplining waste, fraud and abuse -- and as a source of information for the public about important issues of public policy,” states Dr. Mark Cooper, Ph.D. With the advancements of technology, change of interests, and changes in society, how has journalism evolved so far and what does the future of journalism look like? The purpose of this essay is to explore my ideas of what I knew about my career before doing my research. It is a plan of action to show the thought process that is going into finding the answer to my research question. With the use of resources from professionals with high credentials in the field, I will search for the support to what I hypothetically suggested to be the answer and finding out whether I am correct or not to become informed about my career choice. It is also to see if my thought process changed as a result of the influx of new information from resources I have found. Then the course of action will take me in the direction of finding more in depth information to further support, if not change, my answer or thoughts about my career choice. The advancements in technology, I believe, will affect the future of journalism but nevertheless; the field will adapt to these changes and remain a strong professional and respected
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journalism exploratory - Rodriguez, 1 Denise Rodriguez...

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