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Denise Rodriguez ENC1102 UO1-A Dr. Norman Brammer May 13, 2010 On Journalism Without the resources of journalism informing society on the events in their surrounding environments, the infrastructure of the society would head towards its demise with the lack thereof knowledge of the events that are occurring. According to Dr. Frederick R. Blevens, Ph.D., faculty member and professor of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications School at Florida International University, in his entry in the publication, The Masthead , “The popularity of editorial or opinion-writing courses has gone down mainly because of the lack of enthusiasm of journalism teachers.” The ripple effect that is created as a result of the “lack of enthusiasm” on the educators’ part, affects the way the field of journalism operates, which then in turn affects the way society is informed. The most important place to begin, in order to manifest respectable communication, is at the root, which teachers would be the ones held accountable to that position. In journalistic writing, the vocabulary used varies according to the audience being addressed; but for the most part, the vocabulary is very informal rather than technical because most of the entries are made with a mass audience ranging in comprehension levels in mind.
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journalismtextanalyris - Denise Rodriguez ENC1102 UO1-A Dr...

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