juli'speerreview - 3. The citations do follow the MLA...

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Peer Review: 1. The writer clearly explains the purpose and significance of the bibliography in the first paragraph of the critical preface. They also give some background on the topic then states the research question directly and the time period of the research is included as well. The writer goes more into detail in regards to the type of sources included in their bibliography and which ones were more useful and pertinent to answering the research question. 2. Overall the critical preface includes all necessary components and more but one minor thing that could be further elaborated is their purpose for the bibliography.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The citations do follow the MLA guidelines in all regards. 4. The sources are arranged alphabetically. 5. After the MLA citation of each annotation the writer includes information about the genre and the rhetorical context as well as a summary of the context and an evaluation of the source they found either useful or not in answering the research question. 6. I believe the writer was very clear and direct with all information provided for each annotation as well as in their evaluation. 7. I believe the writer did a job well done in citing all sources in their bibliography....
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juli'speerreview - 3. The citations do follow the MLA...

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