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Rodriguez, 1 Evaluation: 1. What audience am I imagining? What do I assume are my readers’ initial interests that will lead them to read my essay (the old information I must hook into)? What is new in my essay? - The audience I am imagining is for those interested or involved in the field of journalism yet the common man can relate and understand the question and ideas at hand. My assumption of my reader’s interests is that they will want to know what does the future hold not only for their society but for how they will attain their information if the media is unsteady. What is new in my essay is that what I thought would be the only deciding factor on the future of the career, is just one of the many and in my research paper I will state all the new deciding factors I found through my sources. 2. Do I have an attention grabber? Why or why not? - I do have an attention grabber, which is stating through a quote how the media and its work benefit society as a whole. 3.
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