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Today’s aims52510

Today’s aims52510 - info on item ex Jones S...

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Today’s aims: Have you identified enough resources that might confirm an answer to your question? What type of resources are they? Do you have a plan to identify more? Have you evaluated the resources you have? Research paper (use articles to support answer to question) ^ annotated bibliography (identify, read, evaluate what you found) - 1. Tell what it is (print or electronic: journal article, magazine article, newspaper article; visual: film: fictional, documentary; interview) - 2. Summarize - 3. Evaluate preface list resources (MLA format: chapter 23 pg.705) alphabetical
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Unformatted text preview: info on item ex: Jones, S. “Article Title” Journal Title. Vol #, Date; 1 st page- last page ::sentence says this is an article found in a professional journal.:: ::one sentence summary of article:: ::this article answers the research question by stating x=z:: *** Italicize journal title and volume #, then put article title in quotations ^ annotated bibliography ^ exploratory (thoughts go beyond one article & plan to find more articles) ^ Text analysis (one article found & analyzed)...
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