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Todays aims- 1. review text rhetorical analysis what are you looking for? 2. Check on progress obtaining an article for review 3. Draft analysis or if already done the reuse it 4. Peer review of draft 5. Typed 3-4 page essay due Thursday at 9:30 am *include article, 1 st draft, peer review and final copy Professional journals Your article Can you find the author’s thesis in the article? Can you write this in your own words? |____> summary: intro summary, body reaction, conclusion- repeat/restate summary (thesis)
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Unformatted text preview: Purpose & audience Why write this? Who is this for? Who is the writer? According to name writer , credentials says “quote.” Peer review (p.386) 1-5 questions- The writer of this article establishes a pattern of a, b, and c to argue her thesis.- The reader of this article feels well informed about X because the writer explains the procedure in detail and shows a step by step procedure....
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