uh-oh narrative

uh-oh narrative - Denise Rodriguez #2925422 MMC3104C...

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Unformatted text preview: Denise Rodriguez #2925422 MMC3104C February 9, 2010 Face-plant I t was a day like any other at Top Gun Cheer and Dance gym. I had been there for more than a year already, and when I was little I was a gymnast there, as well. I came almost every day after school, to finally land my standing backhand spring. I had worked on this tumbling past for almost a year, even though it seemed much longer. Each day I would think to myself, today is the day I would get my backhand spring, or so I thought. My motivation every day Id be there was this super cute guy named Danny. I found out his name through doing some internet research, in other words cyber-stalking. But I thought he was so attractive and if I wasnt going to land my backhand spring for me, I would land it for his attention. He was an amazing tumbler; hed throw some of the most difficult passes, humanly possible. As a result, everyone called him Superman, he did after all have the body of a superhero. Everyday Id hope hed come talk to me or even look my way. He did look my way several times and then I realized if I saw him looking at me, he knew I was looking at him. I was so consumed in my teenager mentality to know everything about this boy without even asking him myself; he fascinated me. He was in my thoughts at every moment; even when my coach was instructing me how to...
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uh-oh narrative - Denise Rodriguez #2925422 MMC3104C...

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