Stor. Assign. 2

Stor. Assign. 2 - -let P=pralines Max....

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1.) Decision variables: -let F=finite math -let C=applied calculus Max. profit=F(100000)+C(50000) Subject to: F + C<=110 (number of total sections) F(60) + C(50)<=6000 (number of students taking math) F>=0, C>=0 (non-negativity) 2.) Decision variables: -let P=homeless patients -let W=high income patients Max. profit=P(10000)+W(8000) Subject to: P + W=2100 (overall capacity of hospital) P>=1000 (min. number of homeless) W<=750 (max. number of high income) 2W>=P (ratio of homeless to high income) P>=0, W>=0 (non-negativity) 3.) Decision variables: -let F=fudge -let C=chocolate crèmes
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Unformatted text preview: -let P=pralines Max. profit=F(.50)+C(.45)+P(.80) Subject to: F(20) + C(15)&lt;=190 (lbs. chocolate) F(120) + C(150) + P(200)&lt;=2520 (number of min. for cooking/processing) F(100) + C(200) + P(300)&lt;=3960 (number of min. for packaging) F&gt;=0, C&gt;=0, P&gt;=0 (non-negativity) 4.) Decision variables:-let L=large tables-let M=medium tables Max. profit=L(270) + M(180) Subject to: L(14) + M(9)&lt;=100 (hours carving) L(14) + M(9)&lt;=80 (hours painting) L(6) + M(4)&lt;=40 (number of chairs that can be upholstered) L&gt;=0, M&gt;=0 (non-negativity)...
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Stor. Assign. 2 - -let P=pralines Max....

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