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MANU Soccer Academy Option 1 relates to the product aspect of the marketing mix because Tom would be altering his product to better cater to skills development for teens over the age of 14. He could alter his product by including more intense workouts, or more specific skills-training than he gives kids under 14, for example. If Tom’s market research shows that he has a receptive target market of Fort Collins teens over 14, he should definitely try to appeal to them. Option 1 also relates to the promotion aspect of the marketing mix. After Tom altered his product to appeal to older teens, he would have to use target promotional techniques to make his new target market aware of the changes to the program. For example, he could run local TV ads on stations frequently watched by older teenagers, and illustrate the benefits (not just features) of his new product. Option 2 would involve altering Tom’s product as well. He would need to first conduct market research to determine some other needs of his current customers. Then, he would need to add
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