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Taffe’s Ice Land After analyzing his marketing environment, I have concluded that Taffe should absolutely not abandon his ice-skating rink plans. He currently has no direct competitors for an indoor ice rink, in one of the top 50 largest cities in the United States. Even with an ineffective marketing mix, Taffe has managed to equal any profit he would have gotten had he focused business completely on hockey. First, Taffe must focus on his target market(s). In this case, I think he should use a multiple target approach to segment his market. His first target could be the families who populate his ice rink on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (by targeting parents, he can indirectly target the young children they drop off for the afternoon). His second target could be the teenage/ young adult group he wishes to reach for the Friday and Saturday evening, “date night” sales. Concerning the product aspect of his marketing mix, Taffe could then differentiate his product to appeal to both of his target markets at different times. I would recommend that he create a
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