Recitation 6

Recitation 6 - Connected to the body If you lose an organ...

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Recitation 6 Know difference between different books of the Bible 15 multiple choice/ fill in the blank, 2 essays Bring a Blue Book Voltaire: o Believes in God, but not in immortality (deist) o What is your position on immortality of soul? Soul is not immortal Gives key questions as to why If animals aren’t, why would we be? o What is your position on human identity?
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Unformatted text preview: Connected to the body If you lose an organ on earth, why would you get it back in afterlife? Identity is memory of consciousness o What is the mode of reasoning? Pure logic No evidence at all for immortality of soul Empiricism in that he only can judge based on what he observes/ knows (bodys senses)...
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