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Recitation 10 - Lies in-between psychosomatic unity and...

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Recitation 10 Trends: o Move away from idea of God as all-powerful o Nature of questions asked is changing: E.g. idea of time o No longer body vs. mind: They are now considered to be connected o More extensive usage of analogy in argument o Laws of natural world will govern what will happen in the afterlife 2 thinkers: o Robin Le Poidevin: The way we think about the concept of time influences the way we look at death We should not fear any death or simply not existing
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Unformatted text preview: Lies in-between psychosomatic unity and materialist (closer to psychosomatic unity) o Paul Edwards: Materialist Identity depends completely on the mind (not the “soul”) The mind depends completely on the function of the brain o HH Price: Embodied vs. disembodied existence • Material/ sensory/ temporal vs. immaterial/ mental/ permanent...
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