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Reli. Notes 9 - o Leans toward idea of annihilation •...

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The Formation of Hell Sheol: o Term in Hebrew Bible referring to where all dead go o No concept of punishment Hades: o Greek word for Underworld o New set of mythological ideas o Humans are judged at their deaths o Erebus: entrance to Hades o Eysium: heroes and morally good go here o Asph?: ordinary people go here Tartarus: o Greek word for “deep place” o For the particularly bad people o Punishment and torture Gehenna: o Jewish term refers to garbage dump called “Valley of Hinnom” o Where criminals were buried o Later refers to place where wicked are purified (Arabic version of Jahannam) o Place of actual punishment o Final place for the damned Different possibilities for the unsaved: o Mere death (annihilation) o Retribution and suffering (temporary or eternal) o Universal salvation:
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Apocatastasis Everyone gets saved Letters of Paul: o More focus on saved than on unsaved
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Unformatted text preview: o Leans toward idea of annihilation • Gospel of John: o There will be a last judgment o Leans toward annihilation as well • Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke): o Later written o Idea of “fire in Hell” o Damnation planned from beginning by God o Intermediate resting spot at Hades? o Otherwise how would a non-Christian like Abraham get to heaven? o Intermediate state gets support from Augustine • The Book of Revelation: o Apocalyptic account of future o Hades distinguished from Lake of Fire (permanent state) o Ancient dragon/ serpent of Satan thrown down to the earth Thrown into pit w/ false prophet and serpent for 1000 years After that Satan is freed, huge battle Satan, Hades, anyone whose name isn’t in Book of Life thrown into Lake of Fire forever...
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Reli. Notes 9 - o Leans toward idea of annihilation •...

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