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The Protestant Reformation Martin Luther: o Monk who called for debate of Church practices o 95 Theses against letters of indulgence (sale of “wiping away” sins for salvation) Luther gains support and Reformation spreads John Calvin: o New version of Reformation The Catholic/ counter Reformation: o Church changes its own practices Protestant theology: o All believers are equal o No hierarchy o Life of celibacy is not more admirable than life of marriage
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Unformatted text preview: o Intermediate states: No mention of Purgatory in Bible Those who are saved are destined for heaven Idea of soul sleep/ psychopannychism (soul enters realm of no pain, but no consciousness, before final Judgment) Christian mortalism: • The soul dies at death w/ the body • Idea of immortality came from the Greeks • B/c of Jesus’ resurrection only he can restore life to a soul...
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