Reli. Notes 17

Reli. Notes 17 - o “A soul”: We don’t know much about...

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Early Philosophers John Locke: o Proponent of liberal democracy (includes social contract, religious toleration) o King Charles granted control of Carolina to Lords Proprietor (Locke was their secretary) o Locke had hand in writing “Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina” Freedom for religious dissenters o Presupposition that humans were placed here by God w/ expectation of afterlife o Empiricist: Essay Concerning Human Understanding All we can know about a thing is observable data Underlying substance remains unknown for us Pattern of organization in living thing keeps the identity of the living thing, even as matter cycles in and out o “A man”: No different from any other animal, on the outside
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Unformatted text preview: o “A soul”: We don’t know much about it Not substantial enough to guarantee identity of a human o “A person”: Consciousness Memory (the continuation of consciousness) Locke thinks Descartes’ idea of the soul is vague and useless o Christian mortalist: Body and whatever else substances compose the person are resurrected o To be same person at resurrection: Need reconstruction of same consciousness and memories o Very concerned w/ justice: Especially w/ justice in the afterlife All you need is that God can reconstruct the organizational patterns of your memories...
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Reli. Notes 17 - o “A soul”: We don’t know much about...

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