Reli. Notes 20

Reli. Notes 20 - o Behaviors in “perfect” society...

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Reli. Paper 2 Notes Wood cutting done during Renaissance period Image: o Riotous living o False learning o True learning/ happiness The book Tabula of Cebes was written to depict these stages of human life o Kandel’s woodcut depicts these behaviors in a heavenly setting Focus on 2 themes: o Hierarchy in heaven o Behaviors in heaven In first 2 layers no true contact w/ the divine o Only in “beatific layer” is there contact w/ the Virgin Mary Heaven: A History : bottom of pg. 295 o Connections to texts: possibilities Modern view of Oxen? ( Heaven: A History) “Paradise Lost” by Milton Utopia by More: behaviors in perfect society Utopia: o Renaissance, written in 1516
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Unformatted text preview: o Behaviors in “perfect” society: Movement Religious practice for all Progress not for advancement of society but for advancement of individual o Relative hierarchy w/ some stratification: Those w/ aptitude for learning bred to lead/ politics • “Paradise Lost”: o Published in 1667 at tail end of Renaissance o Free will, not predestination: Seems to be choice of how to behave in each layer Ultimately your choice of whether you progress or remain stagnant o Souls exhibit wide variety of behaviors at all levels o Nothing resembling a “set in stone” behavior like the beatific vision...
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Reli. Notes 20 - o Behaviors in “perfect” society...

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