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Reli. Notes 23 - Domestic sentimentalism • Places the...

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The Modern Period Love in heaven: o Marriage becomes more emotional, romantic o Poets portray heaven as reunion of lovers o Theologians focus more on the family than on the couple John Milton: o A new ideology of love, sex William Blake: o Paints image of Last Judgment except couples embrace as they await Judgment A family meets in heaven o Human love starts to eclipse the divine o Growing tendency to reject theocentric heaven God’s role gets replaced Henry Harbaugh: o Says forget the sex, but lovers will still reunite Charles Kingsley: o Says if he’s not able to love his wife, body and soul, in heaven then he won’t truly be himself Elizabeth Stuart Phelps: o Wrote The Gates Ajar at age of 24 Diary on our loved ones in heaven
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Unformatted text preview: Domestic sentimentalism: • Places the home at the center of heaven Claims that she conjectures nothing which the Bible contradicts: • Heaven would not be perfect w/o mountains and strawberries • Mark Twain: o Has utter contempt for Phelps o The great American writer, very critical of contemporary Christianity o Wrote “The Extract from Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven”: Both humans and extraterrestrial beings go there Attacks tangibility of modern heaven • Progress in heaven: o Protestants stress value of working hard for progress o William Clarke Ulyat: Heaven as workshop o Progress leads to universal salvation eventually...
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Reli. Notes 23 - Domestic sentimentalism • Places the...

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