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Reli. Notes 25

Reli. Notes 25 - o Disquisitions Relating Matter and Spirit...

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Debates over Identity and Consciousness Philosophers moving away from soul and towards identity: o Soul talk very vague o Identity talk more empirical o Talk of soul sounds inherently religious o Philosophy trying to move away from religion Human identity: o Move away from materialist, dualist, psychosomatic unity framework To find truth: o Rationalism o Empiricism Joseph Priestly: o “Dephlogisticated air”: Discovered oxygen, ammonia, etc. o Directions for Impregnating Water w / Fixed Air: Carbonated water Mixed Enlightenment rationalism w/ Christian theism/ faith
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Unformatted text preview: o Disquisitions Relating Matter and Spirit: Nothing in human identity except for body/ matter • Matter sensitive to vibrations • Forming basis for though • Opposite view of Thomas Reid o Thinking is dependent on the brain: Thinking is completely material • Only reason to defend immaterial soul: o Know that body dies at death Materialism: • Gets here through study of science and the Bible o No evidence for separation of body and soul • According to Bible: o God creates human being o Breathes life into material...
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