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Reli. Notes 34

Reli. Notes 34 - What Kind of Next World Question 2...

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What Kind of Next World? Question 2 continued: o Peter Geach: “Easy to conceive that someone w/ no eyes could see? Questions for the dualist view: Why are bodies and souls connected in first place? How are bodies and souls connected? Can we really conceive of ourselves existing in a disembodied state in the first place? Geach answers: A disembodied soul would merely be a remnant of the person who died (“my soul is not I”) Dualist understanding of life after death is fundamentally flawed o Psychosomatic unity: John Hick: Moves away from dualism, toward bodily Resurrection Options for body after death: We could return in bodies physically identical to ones we have now o Problems w/ cannibalism o Which age will we be in afterlife? o How much change can a body take and still be the same person? o Peter Van Inwagen says discontinuity after death is a major problem God places bodies in safe-keeping before Resurrection
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