Reli. Notes 41

Reli. Notes 41 - This allows us to think about morals...

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Life in the World Assumption: o Science is the ultimate truth o The real way to prove truth o This assumption permeates modern beliefs Opponents to nonreductive physicalism: o Reductive physicalists: Scientism o Conservative religious people Without religion: o Meaninglessness to human life? o How can we combat this meaninglessness? Owen Flanagan: o The Problem of the Soul o If the mind is physical then how can we have anything like freedom? o Explains mind is physical, but we still retain personal freedom and moral capacity o Argues there is sufficient room in the science model for meaning and morals o Nonreductive physicalism: No interest in defending religion Ethics as human ecology Ecology: o How organisms flourish in an environment
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Unformatted text preview: This allows us to think about morals scientifically/ empirically We should take more responsibility for our ethics o Human flourishing depends on: Morality Openness to friendship Ability to exercise realized capacities o John Rawls original position: Behind a veil of ignorance we would try to make the most just and fair society possible Morals far from cultural relativism o Where do morals come from? Human evolution Different environments/ situations o We dont need religion to have a meaningful life If religion is the only reason you live morally then that is very dubious...
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Reli. Notes 41 - This allows us to think about morals...

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