Busi. 410 HW 2 Q1

Busi. 410 HW 2 Q1 - INPUTS Monthly call cost Message cost...

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Unformatted text preview: INPUTS Monthly call cost Message cost Texts per month Annual maintenance cost Cellphone life (months) CALCULATIONS Monthly maintenance cost Monthly messaging cost Monthly call cost PERFORMANCE MEASURES Total monthly cost Total cost 60 0.25 25 75 24 a. The average cost of the phone is $1763.54. b. According to the chart, there is a 69.66% chance that the total cost will be less than $2000. 6.25 6.25 60 72.5 1740 Forecast: Total cost Statistic Forecast values Trials 500 Base Case 1,740.00 Mean 1,763.54 Median 1,753.29 Mode '--Standard Deviation 437.74 Variance 191,615.75 Skewness -0.18 Kurtosis 2.95 Coeff. of Variability 0.25 Minimum 533.75 Maximum 2,918.38 Mean Std. Error 19.58 ...
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