Busi. 410 HW 2 Q2

Busi. 410 HW 2 Q2 - -0.35 Kurtosis 2.47 Coeff. of Va 0.16...

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INPUTS Special meal profit 4 Number of customers 400 Probability of a customer ordering special meal 0.15 PERFORMANCE MEASURES Restaurant profit 240 Forecast: Restaurant profit Statistic Forecast values Trials 500 Base Case 240 Mean 221.78 Median 223.83 Mode '--- Standard D 34.72 Variance 1,205.46 Skewness
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Unformatted text preview: -0.35 Kurtosis 2.47 Coeff. of Va 0.16 Minimum 128.28 Maximum 297.26 Mean Std. 1.55 a. The average profit is $221.78. b. The probability that the special meals will generate at least $200 of weekly profit and continue to be offered is 74.30%....
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